Logo design process

This post illustrates the design process for one particular logo for www.breastfeedingfestival.com. The client is a group of people so it was important to have something that everyone liked. The original brief was to “use bunting because ‘festival’ was the unique selling point for the site, make it colourful, possibly have a woman holding a baby, possibly using shadow figures.” … Read More

What Naked Website Clients Do – The Procrastination Coach

I’m really lucky to have an amazing variety of people to work with. This series of blog posts is to share what they do with you. It’s not about the design of their site – only about what they do for a living. Angela van Son is the Procrastination Coach. She is based in Utrecht but can coach all over … Read More

Ideas for publicity, blog posts and promotions for January

If you are stuck for January publicity ideas I’ve collected a whole bunch of them together for you. January is the start of the new year and all our good intentions to promote our websites by blogging and tweeting regularly. It’s easy to draw a blank with planning though, so here are my own personal ideas drawn out as a … Read More

Thank you Devon Sun Yarns!

This thank you present came in the post today! Daisy from Devon Sun Yarns came up with the idea for the slogan and I put it together ready for print. I was expecting it to go on mugs and tea towels. I wasn’t expecting a thank you present and I really wasn’t expecting something I didn’t have to be so … Read More

Website solutions if you have a tiny or no budget.

Do you have a great idea you want to get out there? Something amazing you have made that you want to sell? A local group you want to advertise? It could be a brand new venture or an arm stretching out from an existing business. Quite often it’s a good idea to test the water with free or very cheap … Read More

Animations – New at Naked Website

Procrastination Coach Animation

Want to have your story come to life? This is an animation for the Procrastination Coach that animates one of her blog posts. It’s all about one of her techniques to stop procrastination – the Freeze Technique. It’s animated in a way that gets the information across, in small, easy to understand chunks, and I got to use some of … Read More

When it makes sense to outsource

Most people are perfectly capable of making great websites all by themselves. What they don’t have is the time, or the inclination to learn how to do it. I can make changes in 5 minutes that can take them hours to figure out how to do, because I do this all the time. Last time my computer died I was able to … Read More

Choosing a font for your website

Font differences

There are 2 main types of lettering you can use – ones with wiggly bits on the ends (serif fonts) and ones without (sans serif). There are millions of variations in between these 2 types and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what you like and don’t like. How people see fonts on your website. You have very little control … Read More

Evernote – find your important info quickly, for free!

Evernote has radically changed the way I work. It is a programme you can install on your computer, phone and/or tablet. I currently use the free version for work (where I have my Naked Website clients stored in individual folders) and to store things like recipes important dates (you can set reminders) films I want to see books I want … Read More