What Naked Website Clients Do – The Procrastination Coach

I’m really lucky to have an amazing variety of people to work with. This series of blog posts is to share what they do with you. It’s not about the design of their site – only about what they do for a living.

angela_monster_400Angela van Son is the Procrastination Coach. She is based in Utrecht but can coach all over the world thanks to Skype and emails. She is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach so she follows the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation.

Procrastination is something that hits most of us at some time – right now I’m busy putting off insuring the car, cleaning the fridge and taking a pile of stuff to the charity shop. Angela helps people tame their procrastination monster and get things done.

She does this on many levels:

Top level is one to one coaching – A grade, personalised coaching, tailored to your needs. I know this works because she has coached me, it’s good research for me to get an insight into what my clients do and it was a really useful experience. With a few sessions I managed to shift quite a few bad habits and became more efficient – not just at work but better at making time for myself, my family and friends and at relaxing.1_to_1_banner

Next up are courses:

Get it Done Week is a popular week long fix for people who don’t feel ready to tackle long term procrastination, but who really need to start or finish a project.  It runs most months and comes with a daily emailed task plus a printable workbook. Some of the students of Get it Done Week use the worksheets on a weekly basis after the course has finished.


The printable eBook:

From do it Later to do it NOW in 10 Days” does exactly what it says on the packet.  It is a PDF full of worksheets, tasks, first aid kit ideas for when you get stuck, and much more. This book helps you to start looking under the surface at the reasons you procrastinate, so you can being to make lasting changes.


Angela’s blog has incredibly interesting ideas, comments and links to useful anti procrastination tools. It’s well worth a dip into if you are feeling stuck.

You can find the Procrastination Coach at www.procrastinationcoach.net. on Facebook and on Twitter.monster_bath - Copy