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5 Days of Decluttering is an amazing gentle way to learn lifetime skills that will help you control clutter now and stop you from recluttering later.

It because so successful, so quickly that I made it a new website – which is full of simple ideas to make life easier and the place to sign up to 5 Days of Decluttering.

The Decluttering e-course came about after a series of posts I wrote on the subject.

I’ve duplicated the posts below so you can read them. The huge response the posts got showed a definite need for an easy, structured e-course with a supportive Facebook group behind it. I designed the 5 day course to help people break the barriers that stop them decluttering, teach people an easy method of making decluttering part of their daily life and to help them painlessly part with clutter.

Here are some things people said about 5 Days of Decluttering:

“I am finding this 5 things in 5 minutes approach brilliant because I can now make better decisions about things before I let them become clutter just by asking the questions on the printable worksheets. Every time I go to a cupboard or drawer now I’m looking at my stuff in a new way and making decisions instantly instead of waiting to have the energy or motivation to clear out the entire cupboard in one go. Decluttering is now a thing I do every single day in some small way, you’ve taken away that mammoth task monsta completely. Mwaaaah’s xxxxxxx Clare”

“The course provided a painless way in to clearing away the clutter. Having the group there helped sort out some of my shame and embarrassment. It was great to know I’m not the only one! I feel I’ve now got some handy tools that I can keep using too.” Linda

“Normally I don’t declutter because I know I will feel like I’m drowning. Not even did I not drown on this course, I actually enjoyed it and had fun.” Angela Van Son – Procrastination Coach