Giving something back

Recently, as I’ve got older, I’ve come to appreciate more and more how lucky I am. I’m not loaded and my house is cold and drafty but I am never hungry except by choice. I’ve got a warm bed, warm cats, a wonderful son and the most amazing friends and clients.

kivaOne of these amazing clients is Angela, the Procrastination Coach. A while back she wrote about Kiva Loans, which are a great way of helping people along in life. For $25, or just over fifteen quid with the current exchange rates you can really change someones life. You can choose the person the money will go to and see exactly how it will help them. Angela celebrates each new client with something like a Kiva loan and I have done the same

When my most recent client paid me I chose to give some of that money to a lady who wanted to expand her second hand clothing business, I like clothes and it seemed relevant to me. I paid my £15 and didn’t expect to see or hear anything more of it. Yesterday I got a repayment! The lady I loaned to is on track to pay back all her loans and I’ll have money to lend to someone else. It really is working! I’ve always been a bit suspicious of giving to charity before this but with Kiva I trust that the money is going where it is needed most.

The payment from a new client isn’t always enough to donate to Kiva so with smaller jobs I’ve now started to donate to Wikipedia – I use it so often I’m really happy to pay for it.  I’ve also started to pay more for technical support, when a plugin I’ve used accepts a donation, I donate. It’s generally not a great deal but it makes me feel really good to be able to do it.

I’m not ever going to be the sort of person who gives millions away to charity, I like to be able to see where it’s going and I need to know it’s being used ethically.  So far so good!