Hobbs Hairdressers Website

Hobbs needed to update their existing website so they could add news posts and use it to showcase their incredible fashion show.

The previous site, although award winning was outdated and non responsive. For a high profile salon like this, a website that works well on phones as well as computers is a must.

www.hobbs-style.co.uk is a fully responsive site with some nice flashy touches – text swishes in as you scroll down, sliders show you the salon interior and it’s set up so that the client can just write a blog post, assign it to a category (news, show…) and it magically shows up in the right place, they don’t need to mess around with code at all.

Hobbs have a PR agency who now have full control of the site so this is an image of it at handover time – they have an amazing graphic designer so it might have changed a bit since this snapshot. The Naked Website logo isn’t at the bottom of the site because I can’t take credit for the graphics.