Logo design process

This post illustrates the design process for one particular logo for www.breastfeedingfestival.com. The client is a group of people so it was important to have something that everyone liked.

The original brief was to “use bunting because ‘festival’ was the unique selling point for the site, make it colourful, possibly have a woman holding a baby, possibly using shadow figures.”

I asked the client to narrow down the look they wanted – did they want it to look more fun, educational, like a party, organised, for professionals or for families. I also asked them questions about the colour scheme, did they prefer?

darker muted colours – muggy tones

lighter muted colours – retro feel

darker bright colours – like fireworks

lighter bright colours – child friendly

They replied that they wanted it more festival looking than conference, they wanted it to “look fun and be aimed at both professionals and families (if we can) but families more so and organised for all communities, fun and educational.”

Because the brief was so broad I made 5 very rough drafts and asked the client to choose one or two to work from. These are very rough low quality drafts, just to give an idea of possibilities.

Out of these 5 they loved the idea of spiral bunting so I started to work up this version. These are still rough but from this point on I start to work in a larger format so the logo will be suitable for print. I’m expecting the Breastfeeding Festival will want banners at some point.


From these, the client decided they would like a spiral with existing colours as they are, and the smokier purple writing across, not curved or sloping, and centralised on the spiral – also one with the writing not on the spiral but to to the right hand side – so 2 complementary logos – one for a square image, one for a header.

This is the end result – I made the original images large so they will be perfect for print and took elements of the bunting to use as a design feature in the site.

breastfeeding-festival-1200straight-bunting-1400 breastfeeding-festival-sq straight-bunting-1500 straight-bunting-1400-website members-long-logo