When it makes sense to outsource

Original Procrastination Coach MonsterMost people are perfectly capable of making great websites all by themselves. What they don’t have is the time, or the inclination to learn how to do it. I can make changes in 5 minutes that can take them hours to figure out how to do, because I do this all the time. Last time my computer died I was able to give support to a client from memory, without her website in front of me 🙂

When the Procrastination Coach was given this little monster to use as a graphic on her Naked Website www.procrastinationcoach.net we were thrilled to bits. But as her site grew and she needed graphics to illustrate blog posts and for her new e-book we knew just one monster wasn’t enough. She was given permission to use the monster as she liked but could not find the person who drew the original to ask for more.

I could have spent weeks drawing these myself but I know I wouldn’t have been happy with them. So I called in a backup. An illustrator called Rebel Without a Comb who came up with more ideas than I ever could in a much quicker time.

Leaving me more time to do what I do best.

So if you are stuck with a problem on your website, and don’t have the time to sort it out yourself, please consider outsourcing – it costs nothing to ask me if I can help. I charge by the minute and work really fast so it could be really economical for you.

Why spend time doing something you don’t want to do when it could save you money if someone else does it?