What makes up a website

I have clients with various different needs who want websites; some people want me to design and structure their site from start to finish, like www.johnnycajon.com.

He had clear ideas about what he liked but left the way the website looked to me.


Some clients want to work with me on the design like www.procrastinationcoach.net

We worked together using her original artwork until we found a style that fitted perfectly.


Some clients want to do the design themselves but get me to do the techy installation and set up the structure of the site, get their menus in the right places and iron out any niggles like www.dianapowell.co.uk.


Some already have websites but want me to help them communicate with the outside world and link up their social media with their site, like photographer www.jamesbarke.com.

But what do these words mean? What is the structure of a website? What is an installation? Why would you need social media and what is it anyway?

I’m going to be doing a series of blog posts to break down the stages involved in setting up a website.  Each one of these things is something I can do for you, or something I can help you with if you want to learn how to do it yourself.

At the moment I’m mostly making WordPress websites for clients because they are customisable to the clients specificaitons, integrate well with social media and the client can take over the running of the sites once they are up and running.

I’m breaking the setting up of a WordPress website into:

  • Installation  – getting WordPress set up so you have a very basic working website.
  • Design – how it looks, what colours you use, your logo, the layout of the site
  • Structure – what goes where.
  • Communication – how people contact you, how your website links up with other places like Facebook and Twitter
  • Navigation – how you get around your site, how people can find things on it and how it is organised
  • Content – what the website is about, pictures, words, videos, a place to buy things……

Each one of these posts will detail what I can do for you and how I can save you time and money.

Watch this space……..