How much time can you spend on your website?

A blog post by Rita Williamson about her new site made me realise what I do best for my clients She said:

“It came down to a decision about how much time did I want to spend learning stuff when Lisa Cole (who already had this knowledge) could do it in five minutes?  I could spend my time doing better things.”

That is it in a nutshell, thank you so much! Rita had worked really hard over the last few years to build her own site, which she originally did all by herself. However she outgrew it, and needed something that had a few more features; a newsletter sign up form, a gallery, a shop and a link to her Facebook Page. She started on a free WordPress site but decided pretty quickly that she needed more from her website so she bought a domain name and now has a hosted WordPress site – the world is her bellydancing oyster!

Rita needs to have control of her site so she doesn’t have to keep paying someone to update it, she really doesn’t want to hand over the whole thing either so we are working together. I’m doing the bits that she would have to learn how to do, she has to make all the design decisions! It’s a really economical way to make a website because she now has time to do what she is good at, and she is paying me to do what I’m good and quick at, saving herself hours of time and hassle. She has given me a budget to work to and we still have a quarter of it left to do nice things to the site. I’m waiting for her decision on a new header and a final decision on a colour scheme at the time of writing. If she is not sure how to work a section of her website I’m doing video tutorials for her so she has a permanent and personal record of how to work her site.

Another bonus of this job is that I get to see pictures of lovely fabric.mmmmmmm