Rachael Hertogs

Rachael Hertogs site by www.nakedwebsite.co.uk

Rachael is an extremely talented and versatile woman. She is a Doula, an artist, a Reiki master and teacher, the mother of small children and she manages to have time to run www.moontimes.co.uk as well. She wanted a site that linked all her facets together and we chose chakra colours and mandalas as the main link theme as this goes … Read More

Jam Sponge

Originally the idea for the Jam Sponge reusable menstrual sponge came to me when I was stuck in the house recovering from Chicken Pox. I sold the site a year later to www.moontimes.co.uk because they are experts in alternatives to disposable sanitary wear. In 2014 Moontimes asked met to update the site and move it to WordPress. They wanted to … Read More

Diana Powell

Diana Powell is an illustrator who wanted a website to use as a showcase for her work and as a blog. We agreed that a WordPress site would have the flexibility she needed. I set up a very clean and clear layout for her and she was able to do the rest. All the illustrations are Diana’s and she has … Read More


Stevie Thompson, the director of Flibbertigibbet Theatre needed a website  that captured the essence and fun of the word Flibbertigibbet. Flibbertigibbet is often associated with flighty, gossipy, (usually) women but it also has darker connotations; being a name for an imp or demon. Stevie was in Bristol for a couple of hours so we got together and very quickly came … Read More

Cartoon Kate

Kate has been getting loads of great publicity recently and since the publication of her latest book Red Rosa we both agreed that her website needed an upgrade – most importantly it needed to work well on phones. We worked together to design an easy to navigate visual grid of images to link to areas of her site. Because this … Read More