Procrastination Coach

I first started working for the Procrastination Coach when her website was very black and white. All the content was there but it wasn’t really doing what she wanted it to do. She wanted a website that showed more of her personality, was friendly, approachable but down to earth.

Papallaitants (Breastfeeding Dads) dual language site

When I was first approached by the couple behind Papallaitants I laughed and laughed because I thought my days of working on breastfeeding awareness sites was over! I had run Lactivist for 10 years and only within the last few months decided it was time to give it to new people who were still breastfeeding, so more in touch with … Read More

Hobbs Hairdressers Bristol

Hobbs needed to update their existing website so they could add news posts and use it to showcase their incredible fashion show. The previous site, although award winning was outdated and non responsive. For a high profile salon like this, a website that works well on phones as well as computers is a must. is a fully responsive site … Read More

Lactation Consultants of Great Britain

Lactation Consultants of Great Britain are the professional association for International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) in the UK. They have a large number of members who support breastfeeding mothers through private practice, on a voluntary basis and through the NHS. LCGB needed a site update, they had outgrown their existing site and needed something easy to navigate with a … Read More

Cartoon Kate

Kate has been getting loads of great publicity recently and since the publication of her latest book Red Rosa we both agreed that her website needed an upgrade – most importantly it needed to work well on phones. We worked together to design an easy to navigate visual grid of images to link to areas of her site. Because this … Read More