Lisa Cole from Naked Website
”Thank you for being so open with your prices. So many folks are shady in this industry.” Lucy
  • Website and Graphic design – £50 an hour
  • Training (one to one or by Skype) –  £50 an hour
  • Meetings (one to one or by Skype) – £30 an hour

You need to budget around £600 for a basic website designed by me.

This excludes hosting and domain name purchase but I am happy to help you organise that too.

Your website can include any of the following:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Plugin Installation (SEO, Spam, Improved Search, Galleries and whatever else you need for your site)
  • Website Design (layout, colours, look etc.)
  • Website Functionality (menus, integration with social media etc.)
  • Responsive theme customisation.
  • Online shop.
  • Set up of YouTube channel.
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tutorials using video capture of your own website
  • Banners and profile pictures for Facebook and Twitter
  • Logo design.

Logo Design

I’m really happy to work with you to develop a logo and depending on your needs you will need to budget from £200 upwards.  Your logo is important, it is what people associate with you and it needs to represent you perfectly. It’s worth spending time and effort on a good logo.

I charge for logo design by the hour so if you know what  you want, what colours you like, what font you want to use etc. it is a lot quicker for me to design for you. There are 3 levels of logo design – Text only, symbol or both together. I work in high resolution so your logo will be suitable for printing on t-shirts or posters. I use many different media to produce logo, yours may be hand drawn, computer generated or collaged depending on your requirements.

You will also need to budget another £12 every 2 years for buying a domain name (the website address) and at least £4 a month (depending on the size of your site) for hosting. I use and recommend Ihelm Enterprises for hosting.

If you want to sell through your website that would be extra and charged at my hourly rate. Please let me know what you need and I can quote for you. As a rough guide; integrating an Etsy shop takes about half an hour, adding a PayPal shopping cart could take an hour and installing something more complex for hundreds of products or lots of different options could take hours.

If you want your website to do something different (like offer 2 languages) I will probably suggest buying in some software to do that. I can research costs for you, just let me know what you need. If I need to buy something in, the cost will be yours to pay.

I work fast and I work hard so my hourly rate is incredibly good value.

Website, graphic, flyer and logo design costs £50 an hour. For the same rate I will happily set out adverts for you, design letterheads and business cards and set up and design Facebook pages.

Training is tailored to your needs and is usually by video – I’ll show you how to use your site by recording myself using it and talking you through it. If you prefer we can Skype, use the phone or I can make you printable handouts with instructions on.

The Admin rate is for updating and maintaining sites, scheduling blog posts and other mundane things you would rather not do yourself.

The Design Process

Once I have a clear idea of what you want for your logo and/or website I will make up to 3 drafts. Sometimes this is a draft of a whole website so we can get an idea of potential layout as well as look, sometimes it’s just the logo. Every client is different and has different needs.

If you don’t like the first draft I try again 2 more times. If you don’t like the 3rd draft then I will suggest that you need someone else for the job. It happens very rarely but it’s pointless working together if I can’t work out what you want.

The first 3 drafts are free and as soon as you agree on the direction the work should take I’ll put the timer on. I use Paymo to track my work by the minute.

When your site is finished I will encourage you to play around with it and check everything works the way you want it, sometimes problems only come up when the website is being used. I’ll fix anything not right for free but if you want changes the timer will go back on.

There is no minimum charge. I invoice at the end of every month and round up to the nearest 10 minutes to cover cost of time spent emailing.

Terms and Conditions Invoicing

Invoices are issued at the start of every month for the previous month.

Invoice payable 28 days after invoice date.

Reminders will be sent 7, 14 and 21 days after due date.

Terms and Conditions Late Payment

Interest will be charged at 2% per month 42 days after invoice date.

I reserve the right to withdraw work in the case of non payment.

Work will resume when all outstanding invoices have been paid.


Emails are considered contracts