Procrastination Coach by Naked Website website designed by Naked Website

I first started working for the Procrastination Coach when her website was very black and white. All the content was there but it wasn’t really doing what she wanted it to do.

Procrastination Coach website before Naked Website

The original Procrastination Coach website

She wanted a website that showed more of her personality, was friendly, approachable but down to earth.

She said

“I like to treat the subject of procrastination with some playfulness”

We started by Skyping about her needs and I suggested she fill in my ‘How should my website look’ worksheet then look at Kuler to see what colour themes she liked best.

Using an image she had created as a self portrait collage and colours she found on Kuler we started to work together to build her site. I live in the UK and the Procrastination Coach lives in the Netherlands but it makes no difference when you have the internet.

The slideshow shows some of the variations I came up with before we settled on a final design.

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later_now_cover_webWe have gone on to work together to create Facebook pages for her courses and a beautiful e-book.

I’ve also created a fully customised Mailchimp template for her. Courses are delivered by email and run through Facebook so it is important that the process is seamless.

This was, and still is a lovely, satisfying job to work on.

I’m really pleased that she has something totally unique that fits her needs and represents her well. It’s a joyful thing working with a client that is open to new ideas and clear about what she doesn’t like, it’s a great help when, as a designer, you are trying to find what they really like.

So, here it is – the subject of procrastination treated with some playfulness!