Use this tool to get a very quick idea of how much working with Naked Website could cost you. I charge by the hour, invoice by the minute and round up to the nearest 10 minutes at the end of the month.

  • Website and Graphic design – £50 an hour
  • Training (one to one or by Skype) –  £50 an hour
  • Meetings (one to one or by Skype) – £25 an hour

It is a good idea to start small, with the basics and add what you need later. This gives you a chance to learn how your site works, discover what you want from it and it gives you time to think about what you really need. I’m not going to sell you lots of features you won’t ever use and if you need I’ll train you to update your own site so you are not reliant on anyone.

The estimation tool will only give you a rough idea of costs, we would need to talk properly to find out what you actually need before I can quote more accurately. You can have half an hour of meeting time with me for free to discuss your needs.

Estimate the cost of my website

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The basics....

Tick this if you do not already have a website

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Videos to show you how to work your own site.

Including training so you can be a confident blogger

Cost varies depending on complexity of form

Set up for you to populate

Set up for you to populate

Set up with a few items for you to populate


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More amazing things your website can do

Make your own safe online space

With pointers and information at each map location

Set up, integrated and themed to fit with your branding

To collect lots of information

Including training

Good for adverts, images, special offers etc.


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The look

your branding, colour themes and logo

Including final image in different formats for print and screen

For Twitter, Facebook and any others you need. Resized perfectly.

Changing your logo to bring it more up to date

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Final estimated cost

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