Ideas for publicity, blog posts and promotions for January

If you are stuck for January publicity ideas I’ve collected a whole bunch of them together for you. January is the start of the new year and all our good intentions to promote our websites by blogging and tweeting regularly. It’s easy to draw a blank with planning though, so here are my own personal ideas drawn out as a … Read More

Redesign for Moontimes

The Moontimes Blog is rammed full of very good content but it needed a new look. Here is how it looked before. It is on WordPress and used a standard theme. The brief was to make it look more inviting, more like a red tent, a safe space for women. I totally customised the theme to make it warmer and … Read More

Putting the human back into the technical

As a designer I’m not just someone on the end of the phone in a call center, I’m a human being who wants you to get the best you can for your money because it makes me look good when you do. I don’t assume you will have any prior knowledge and I can take the fear out of the … Read More

How much time can you spend on your website?

A blog post by Rita Williamson about her new site made me realise what I do best for my clients She said: “It came down to a decision about how much time did I want to spend learning stuff when Lisa Cole (who already had this knowledge) could do it in five minutes?  I could spend my time doing … Read More