Making a WordPress website – stage 1 – names, hosting, uploading

In a nutshell: 1) To have a website you need to buy it a name this websites domain name is it costs me about £8 every 2 years to use that name I buy my domain names through 2) Find it somewhere to live this is called hosting mine is through Ihelm Enterprises and costs me £3 a … Read More

What makes up a website

I have clients with various different needs who want websites; some people want me to design and structure their site from start to finish, like He had clear ideas about what he liked but left the way the website looked to me. Some clients want to work with me on the design like We worked together using her … Read More

Naked Website Advertises!

All my website and graphic design clients have come through word of mouth which makes me very happy because it means that people like what I do! I had a bit of advertising space I had already paid for in the La Leche Leagues publication Breastfeeding Matters this month. It was going to be for a Lactivist advert but since … Read More