Redesign for Moontimes

The Moontimes Blog is rammed full of very good content but it needed a new look. Here is how it looked before. It is on WordPress and used a standard theme. The brief was to make it look more inviting, more like a red tent, a safe space for women. I totally customised the theme to make it warmer and … Read More

When it makes sense to outsource

Most people are perfectly capable of making great websites all by themselves. What they don’t have is the time, or the inclination to learn how to do it. I can make changes in 5 minutes that can take them hours to figure out how to do, because I do this all the time. Last time my computer died I was able to … Read More

What a procrastination coach does – as well as say nice things about Naked Website!

One of my favorite clients – Angela van Son, the Procrastination Coach talks about her work and what it’s like to work with me in this podcast by Moxie Moguls. She talks about Recognizing  & Stopping Procrastination Self Care Taking ACTION Perfectionism, Judgment, Guilt… Productivity. As well as saying very lovely things about….I quote: “What she did was keep … Read More

Making a WordPress website – stage 1 – names, hosting, uploading

In a nutshell: 1) To have a website you need to buy it a name this websites domain name is it costs me about £8 every 2 years to use that name I buy my domain names through 2) Find it somewhere to live this is called hosting mine is through Ihelm Enterprises and costs me £3 a … Read More

What makes up a website

I have clients with various different needs who want websites; some people want me to design and structure their site from start to finish, like He had clear ideas about what he liked but left the way the website looked to me. Some clients want to work with me on the design like We worked together using her … Read More

Putting the human back into the technical

As a designer I’m not just someone on the end of the phone in a call center, I’m a human being who wants you to get the best you can for your money because it makes me look good when you do. I don’t assume you will have any prior knowledge and I can take the fear out of the … Read More

Testimonial from Lisa Thorne of Lisa Thorne Creative Works is an example of a Basic Naked WordPress Site – Lisa Thorne is a multi-talented person who had no idea where to start with WordPress and had been putting off showcasing her work because of that. She had a very rough idea of what she wanted so we worked together changing and adding things. She wanted the basic service … Read More