Postcard-Of-A-Woman-With-BinocularsWhen Hilda Gardner contacted me about a website for she had a very clear idea of the structure she wanted but she wasn’t sure how it should look.

We talked about what images she likes and she came up with this Postcard of a Woman with Binoculars by Henri Meunier as inspiration.

I’ve used the colours in the Postcard alongside some of the original elements – the sun in the background, the grey, red and the heavy dark brown lines. I’ve also taken on the button theme with the navigation along the left hand side. This is actually one image split into many to create links to areas in the site.

Hilda needed lots of video and audio in her website so people can see what she does. Working together we have made it easy for people to see what she and hear her work.

Half way through the job Hilda moved from the UK to Germany but distance is no barrier to web work!

In the future the site will have a German translation option.

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