Putting the human back into the technical

“Lisa Cole from Naked Website did a brilliant job of setting up my WordPress website and getting me started so that very quickly I was able to manage it myself.”
As a designer I’m not just someone on the end of the phone in a call center, I’m a human being who wants you to get the best you can for your money because it makes me look good when you do.
I don’t assume you will have any prior knowledge and I can take the fear out of the design process for you.

It is important to me that you enjoy working with me and that you love the end result. Even if you are totally fazed by websites and print specs at the start, I am confident that I can help you learn what you need to in the way that suits you best. I’m a trained teacher and I can get information across to you in beautifully written printable PDF’s, through phone calls or Skype, via email or through tailor made video tutorials. Whatever suits you best.

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“I just had no idea where to start. I knew I needed a website to move up a level as an artist, but even that initial step seemed intimidating. Lisa made the process smooth and easy from start to finish.”

Everyone can work a WordPress website, not everyone needs to know how to alter configuration files to install a website, how to change the style sheet so the colours and font sizes suit your needs or how to link your website so it automatically posts to Social Media sites.

These are the sorts of things I can do quickly and efficiently, saving your time so you can get on with what want to do.

We all have values that make up the way we are as people, mine reflect on the way I like to work and they include things like:

I design websites for individuals with individual needs and to be able to do that well I use my capacity for flexibility and creative thinking.

I’m not a faceless voice at the end of the phone working for a boss who has a boss who has a boss. I’m a human being who can design you what you need without answering to anyone but you.

“I expected the work on my new website to be tough and difficult and lots of work and all that. Lisa serves the work in bitesite chuncks that are actually fun to do, even though I’m low on energy and inspiration. Basically, she’s revived my work on something that had come to a standstill.”

It is important to me that my clients totally love what I do for them. Most of my work is from word of mouth so being recognised as a woman who is good at what she does really makes a difference to me.
I thrive on challenges and I treat each job with enthusiasm and energy. I love working around problems and enjoy the feeling of winning when they work out.

Websites and graphic design are visual, interactive mediums and their development needs people to talk to each other and communicate to get them to work well. I love working with people and translating their moods and ideas into tangible elements. I dream about colourways and layout because the way I work is the way  I live my life.

You can see more of my work by clicking on the links just to the left and if you would like more information about the way I work and how I can work for you please just contact me.