When I was first approached by the couple behind Papallaitants I laughed and laughed because I thought my days of working on breastfeeding awareness sites was over! I had run Lactivist for 10 years and only within the last few months decided it was time to give it to new people who were still breastfeeding, so more in touch with the topic. They have since given it a revamp so it’s no longer my design.

Lactivist promotes breastfeeding and that is just what Papallaitants does, but with a twist – they are all about dads supporting breastfeeding mums.


The other twist is that they wanted a website that could be read by English and French readers. And they wanted a logo that showed a babywearing dad.

We worked together to choose colours and fonts for the site and they sent me a picture of a doll that carried a baby in a sling to give me an idea of what they wanted. I decided to use cut out origami paper to design the logo that was then scanned as individual sections and Photoshopped together. It’s a logo that is both bold but gentle and very recognisable on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The translation function is all down to a premium plugin called Word Press Multi Lingual (WPML). I cannot say enough nice things about the support for this plugin, it was exceptional.